Outrage as expert claims Valentine's Day cards are a form of harassment on 'GMB'

Chris Edwards

Good Morning Britain viewers were left frustrated today as one guest claimed giving someone a Valentine’s Day card is a form of harassment.

Sex and dating expert Annabelle Knight appeared on the morning show to make the case to stand-in presenters Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway.

Knight compared sending a card to someone you’re not romantically involved with to “cold calling” and argued that people hide behind the holiday to express their intent. 

Annabelle Knight claims sending a Valentine’s Day card to someone you’re not romantically involved with is a form of harassment

“Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. It’s something that’s just between two people who are romantically involved, whether that’s long-term, short-term or very new,” she began. 

“Sending out Valentine’s Day cards is like cold calling. It’s just a little bit unnecessary and it’s hiding behind a holiday to express your intent. 

“If you can’t say the words any other time of year you probably shouldn’t say them on Valentine’s Day.”

However, fellow relationship expert Charlotte Rose disagreed, arguing: “You’ve got to think that people who don’t have that confidence will save up those twelve months just to be able to send it [a card] out on that day.

“Taking people’s confidence away by classifying Valentine’s Day as harassment; they should not even be in the same sentence. I think this is where PC has gone way too far.”

Fellow dating expert Charlotte Rose think Valentine’s Day and harassment shouldn’t even be in the same sentence

Bewildered viewers expressed their frustration on Twitter, with one person writing: “How is it harassment and who comes up with these ideas?

“My 3 year old told me yesterday they made cards at nursery for Valentine’s day so should I be contacting the police and get her done for harassment.”

While another wrote: “OMG!!! all this nonsense is getting very tiresome. Sending a valentines card is just a bit of harmless fun, that was the whole idea, send a card to a secret admirer anonymously & all the excitement of guessing who sent it. Remember even in primary school.”

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