Pedestrian anger at giant cycle lane

They normally cause problems for being too small or not long enough, but this cycle lane has given pedestrians a headache for the exact opposite reason.

The giant cycle path installed by council bosses in Stevenage, Herts, is so wide it forces pedestrians to walk in single file around it.

The generous cycling area across the footbridge leaves less than 12 inches either side for pedestrians - and makes access impossible for mothers with pushchairs.

The elderly and those on mobility scooters also say they feel pushed to the fringes by the bizarre pathway design.

Families have criticised their local authority for painting the controversial cycle lane across the bridge, saying they could have solved the issue by painting in one half for walkers and one half for cyclists.

James Buhagiar, 20, a personal trainer from Welwyn Garden City, Herts., said: "I can see what they are trying to do.

"The bikes used to weave in an out of the pedestrians, which was quite dangerous.

"But all they have done is put some paint on the floor. They haven't really thought about it. And no one is even paying any attention.

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"The walk-way is so narrow people are having to go down one-by-one.

"What they should have done is to make two lanes - one for bikes and one for pedestrians - on each side."
Luke Pygle, 26, a salesman from Potters Bar, said: "You would have to be pretty slim to walk within the lines.

"People with prams cannot fit inside the lines and mobility scooters are also struggling going over.

"It is also quite confusing to know where you are meant to walk - if I had designed it I would have put footsteps on the walkway."

Herts Highways yesterday defended the confusing lines saying they are not meant to divide pedestrians from cyclists, but rather prevent bikers from crashing.

A spokesman said: "The lines are correct and placed within the current rules and standards,
"The lines are there to stop cyclists careering into railings. Pedestrians are free to go where they like."

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