Pet cat helps brother dog who went blind to navigate around house by making noises to alert him of her presence

Meet Blaze, the blind dog who has his own guide .... cat!

Blaze went blind in 2020, but thankfully his cat sister Satin has learned to 'talk' to him and guides him to get around and helped adjust to his blindness.

Robin Wagner, 28, adopted German shepherd cross Blaze in 2019, and the first checkup revealed he had vision problems.

Vets diagnosed Blaze as blind in one eye and had lens issues in the other that would deteriorate.

But guide cat Satin took it all in her stride and, after getting used to being stood on by her leggy new flatmate, the pair became inseparable.

Robin, a preschool teacher from Burlington, Vermont, said: "A new creature was all up in her space and even when he could see ran into her a lot."

The vets recommended a surgery in order to preserve what remained of Blaze's sight and prevent glaucoma, but to no avail.

Blaze went fully blind in October 2020, and in December that year, had his eye right eye removed to stop infection.

By this point, both pets were fast friends, but the blindness created more issues between them.

Robin added: "I think Blaze going blind caused Satin and Blaze to become closer.

"Before going blind they were more like ships passing in the night. Now, they take opportunities to acknowledge each other.

"While she isn't the most affectionate and cuddliest of cats with us, she for sure tells Blaze she loves him, and it's the most beautiful thing to see."

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