Piers Morgan belittles GMB co-host Susanna Reid during gender equality debate

Mike P Williams

Piers Morgan was at it again on today’s Good Morning Britain after telling co-host Susanna Reid to ‘speak up’ during a heated debate on gender.

The divisive presenter, 52, was sitting either side of Susanna, 47, and Charlotte Hawkins, 42, while they discussed women’s liberation, the suffragette movement, and lady-specific Doritos that had been announced.

The GMB host launched into a rant about ‘lady friendly’ Doritos.

And Piers, being true to form, managed to ruffle Susanna up the wrong way.

‘Do you want a little lady crisp? Does it make too much noise that would upset you, little creature?’ he said.

His co-host, clearly unamused and uninterested by his dominance of yet another conversation, asked: ‘Is there a special Dorito I can get to quiet you down?’ Her disapproval was promptly followed with: ‘Thanks for mansplaining Doritos.’

Piers Morgan responds to ‘lady-friendly’ Doritos launch by smashing up a bag on live TV

With the pair known for falling out live on television, Piers naturally decided to snap back, goading her with: ‘Why don’t you say something?’ and ‘Take the Doritos and say what you think about lady Doritos.’

After responding by saying how the popular tortilla chip ‘sounded like a sanitary product,’ Piers said: ‘Well I don’t know what that would entail…’ and barked ‘This is why we don’t let you have an opinion.’

As Susanna defiantly did a literal mic drop to shut him up once and for all, she seemed to break the equipment; leaving her open to one final, stinging comment: ‘Now you’ve broken that and this is what happens when you make too much noise.’

(Credit: PA)

Last week he reignited his spat with Kim Kardashian-West as he attempted to shame her for a set of revealing photos she shared; receiving an internet backlash for his scathing remarks about how inappropriately she was acting.

And only this week has the outspoken former newspaper editor been complaining about respect and decency, after getting upset over the BBC airing a crude cartoon depiction of his interview with Donald Trump.

It appears Piers can dish it out but can’t really take it.

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