New police appeal over public toilet murder of man 43 years ago

Police have made a fresh appeal for information about a suspect who stabbed a man to death in a public toilet 43 years ago. The mystery suspect left James ‘Jimmy’ Adams with 22 stab wounds after he cornered him in the bathroom, in Bradford, West Yorks, on May 26, 1981.

Jimmy, a glass collector at the New Beehive Inn had walked to the toilet at the junction of Carlise Road and Bavaria Place after finishing his shift just after midnight. But he was followed by a man who police believe was the knifeman - with locals then hearing his screams from the toilets at around 12.45am.

Tragically he later died from his wounds in hospital. Three witnesses later confronted the suspect at a local business, the Marlborough Garage, where he threatened to stab them before running off.

An artist's impression of the suspect was produced back in 1981, where he was described as around 25-35 years old and between 5ft 6 inches and 5ft 8 inches tall.

He was also said to be of medium build and have dirty blonde, collar-length hair and wear glasses. Detective Sergeant Richard, from West Yorkshire Police, said the force was looking for new leads on the cold case on the eve of Jimmy’s violent death.

He said: “West Yorkshire Police never files or closes undetected serious offences until they are solved. We are reviewing this case and hoping a re-appeal on the anniversary of the murder, it might jog people's memories.

“We appreciate it is a long time ago, but any information however small could be the line of enquiry that we need to identify this man. Our focus remains on James and his family and seeking justice for them, no matter how long ago.”