Sharon Stone shares powerful speech about sexual abuse on GMB: ‘I don’t think #MeToo is a Hollywood issue’


Sharon Stone shared a powerful speech about the treatment of sexual assault victims while appearing on Good Morning Britain.

The Basic Instinct star, who has previously said that she has “seen it all” when it came to sexual misconduct in the industry, made a guest appearance on the ITV daytime show on Monday (3 May), during which she discussed the #MeToo movement.

“I don’t think ‘Me Too’ is a Hollywood issue, I don’t think sexual abuse is a Hollywood issue,” she told hosts Susanna Reid and Adil Ray. “I think it begins in homes, both rich and poor.

“I think that the lack of communication is certainly a global one. I think that rape kits need to be processed. I think that elementary schools, nursery schools, need to have places where kids can say how they feel and what’s going on… I think we need to have better communication in courtrooms about how we treat victims of these kind of crimes.”

She continued: “I believe that think tanks need to be made so that we have a better understanding of what all of this means and that we can address it more fruitfully, more thoughtfully, more compassionately in the legal system. I think that we are impoverished in our understanding of how to address these issues.”

Earlier this year, Stone released her memoir The Beauty of Living Twice, in which she opened up about her experiences of sexual misconduct while working as a young woman in the industry.

She recalled how one former manager said no one would hire her because she wasn’t “f***able”, while an unnamed director was described as a “#MeToo candidate” after he made her life difficult because she wouldn’t “sit in his lap and take direction”.

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