Small Dog Waits Patiently to Be Dug Out of Rubble in Hatay

Rescuers in Hatay, Turkey, pulled a small dog from rubble on February 8, around 60 hours after an earthquake devastated the region.

Video filmed by Gürcan Öztürk shows the dog, named Pambuk, taking sips of water as it waited patiently to be freed.

Instagram user @halil.krts0 claimed to be the brother of the owner of Pambuk in a comment on the post, and said the owner was in intensive care at a hospital in nearby Mersin as of February 8. In a comment on Instagram, Öztürk said the family of the dog had contacted him.

The known death toll from the devastating February 6 earthquakes impacting Turkey and Syria climbed to over 43,000 by Friday, February 17. Turkish news outlets reported 38,044 deaths in Turkey alone by Friday. Credit: Gürcan Öztürk via Storyful