Thousands Gather in Sydney to Support Indigenous People on Australia Day

Australia’s national day was marked with a mixture of celebrations, protests and rallies in support of indigenous people, on Thursday, January 26.

Video here, by Sally Coleman, shows the crowd gathered at the Yabun Festival, a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures held in Sydney’s Victoria Park.

In a Twitter post, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said: “Let us all recognise the unique privilege that we have to share this continent with the world’s oldest continuous culture that should be a source of pride for all.” Credit: Sally Coleman via Storyful

Video transcript

- We can vote for voice enshrined in our National Constitution, protecting it forever in that Constitution. In light [INAUDIBLE] the statement [INAUDIBLE] first nations people from all over Australia asked three very simple things about of their fellow Australians. They asked for support, for voice, for treaty, and for truth-telling.