Vertigo-inducing: Tourists brave tilting viewing platform on Chicago skyscraper

This tourist attraction is definitely not for those with a fear of heights.

A leaning 1000ft-high viewing platform has been installed at the John Hancock Center skyscraper in Chicago - offering brave visitors a spectacular view of the city's streets.

TILT is housed on the 94th floor of the towering building and allows tourists to clutch onto a steel and glass panel, which slowly disengages from the floor and moves forward at a 30 degree angle, leaning down over the street below.

Those afraid of falling through the glass need not worry - there are three layers of tempered glass between tourists and the ground 304 metres below.

The terrifying attraction costs daredevils $5 (£3) and lasts for a heart-stopping minute.

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TILT competes with Skydeck Chicago on the Willis Tower, where a glass enclosure that juts out from the skyscraper's 103rd floor allows visitors to see a stunning panorama of the city.

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