‘Time capsule’ Porsche 911 belonging to legendary Led Zeppelin manager goes up for sale

A ‘time capsule’ Porsche 911 that once belonged to musical legend Peter Grant is being tipped to sell for an eye-watering £180,000.

The 930 Turbo was bought from new by Grant in 1980 and he kept it as part of his impressive collection of motors until his death in 1995.

After that it passed down to his son, Warren, who sold it a few years later. Since then it has seldom been used and is now being offered with less than 12,000 miles on the clock, despite being more than 40-years-old.

Up for sale with Silverstone Auctions, it is expected to fetch a fee of between £140,000 and £180,000.

The auctioneers say it remains in the same pristine condition as it was in when it was in Grant’s possession and hope its rock and roll heritage will help it stand out at auction.

Grant, who is said to have ‘ruled the entire music industry’, managed Led Zeppelin from all the way from their formation in 1968 to their breakup in 1980.

He is widely credited with improving pay and conditions for all musicians in dealings and was famed for his ruthless nature which is said to have been key in Led Zeppelin’s rise to the top.

Joe Watts who consigned the car for Silverstone Auctions, said: ‘The car’s current owner has stored it in his garage/workshop, using it only a handful of times, covering just 2,000 miles in the last 20 years; it now has 11,124 miles on the clock.

‘It has not moved or been started for around 15 years and is believed to be largely original, as when Grant owned it, with perhaps the exception of the bonnet that may have been painted.

‘It has recently had a full recommissioning (after coming out of hibernation) done in preparation to sell at auction, passing an MOT.’

He added: ‘It has been carefully stored, its paintwork is excellent and its interior is all-original. It comes with a huge history file, lots of invoices, handwritten letters, hotel bills etc. all with Peter Grant’s name on, both keys, original tool-roll, jack, Porsche-factory service kit and original dealer sticker in rear window – it is a proper time-capsule car!’