Tracker's Justin Hartley Welcomes Jensen Ackles As Colter's Brother, And I'm Flashing Back to Supernatural

 Justin Hartley on Tracker and Jensen Ackles on Supernatural.
Justin Hartley on Tracker and Jensen Ackles on Supernatural.

Tracker quickly became a hit for CBS in the 2024 TV schedule, and the freshman drama is treating fans to some fun guest stars before the end of the first season. Following the arrival of Manifest alum Melissa Roxburgh as Colter's sister, none other than Jensen Ackles of Supernatural and The Boys will turn up as Colter's brother. Star Justin Hartley's first look at Ackles on set should get any fan excited to see them on screen together, and the Supernatural fan in me is flashing back to Ackles' days as Dean Winchester.

What can I say? When a show runs for fifteen seasons and more than 300 episodes, sometimes you're going to flash back to it. In the video that Justin Hartley posted with the Supernatural vet, I could immediately see why the two actors are a good physical match to play brothers... and Ackles certainly has experience playing a character with a complicated relationship with his brother, courtesy of the better part of two decades working with Jared Padalecki as the Winchester brothers. Check out the video from Justin Hartley with the Tracker guest star:

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One brother being serious and trying to get something done, while the other – played by Jensen Ackles – goofs off and messes with them? Try and judge me for flashing back to the Winchester brothers from Supernatural! Of course, the parallels are bound to be limited. Is Colter going to drink demon blood, a la Sam Winchester? Almost certainly not, but there are sure to be complications based on what we've learned of Colter's brother over the series so far.

I have to give kudos to Tracker for casting Ackles; not only is he physically believable as Justin Hartley's brother, but – as anybody who went from watching him on Supernatural to watching him on The Boys knows – he's a versatile actor with talent to spare. So, when can you expect Ackles to debut as Colter's brother? According to Variety, the actor will arrive in the May 12 episode of Tracker, when Russell recruits Colter's assistance in finding an old pal from the Army. That will be the penultimate episode of the season, as the finale airs on May 19.

Given that CBS wasted no time in renewing Tracker for Season 2 after it crushed following its Super Bowl Sunday premiere slot, the May 12 episode could be just the first of a recurring gig for Ackles, although we can certainly only speculate at this time. I doubt that Tracker will add Colter's brother in the penultimate episode of Season 1 and then immediately kill him off.

Still, only time will tell. Keep tuning in to CBS on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET for new episodes of Tracker until the first season wraps on May 19. You can also revisit earlier episodes streaming with a Paramount+ subscription. Also, if the Jensen Ackles casting news put you in the mood for some Supernatural, you can find all fifteen seasons of that show streaming via Netflix subscription now.