Train Obliterates Semi Stalled on Tracks Just Moments After Driver Escapes

The driver of a semi stalled across train tracks in Cartersville, Georgia, escaped the cab and fled just moments before the truck was pulverized by an oncoming train in the early morning hours of Tuesday, June 11.

Video filmed by Zackary Hatcher, who had pulled up behind the semi, shows the moment the driver got away just before the train smashed into the truck and threw debris across the road.

Hatcher told Storyful, “I went up and tried warning [the driver] of the train coming before the guardrails dropped down. He eventually realized what was about to happen so at that point I put my truck into reverse and pulled out my camera. It was like slow motion when my truck was hit with all sorts of debris. It also all happens at the blink of an eye,” Hatcher said.

After the train came to a stop, Hatcher crossed the tracks between cars and was able to speak to the truck driver, video shows.

“It was a scary situation, but I’m happy everyone survived,” Hatcher told Storyful.

News reports citing local officials said this crossing on Old Allatoona Road has been the site of multiple collisions between trains and trucks due to the layout of the road and tracks.

No injuries were reported. Credit: Zackary Hatcher via Storyful

Video transcript

The train just hit this truck.

You all right man.

Like damn dude.

Like what happened was I was trying to back up.

I was saying on, on top of the truck and I'm like, yeah, that's why I felt like laying on my horn and try to get you to.

Yes, I way enough about way.