Tree Falls Onto Car as Strong Winds Tear Through Dayton, Ohio

A tree smashed onto the top of a car as severe thunderstorms tore through Dayton, Ohio, on November 15, CCTV footage shows.

Ryan Linville’s Ring camera captured the moment a tree fell outside his home, originally posting it to Twitter.

Linville told Storyful the last time he saw this kind of wind was during a tornado outbreak in 2019, when several cyclones touched down in his area.

He said this is the first time he’s seen a tree uprooted like the one in the video.

“I saw numerous trees in the area that rerouted me on my way home yesterday, I have never seen a tree come out of the ground like I saw in the video,” Linville said.

National Weather Service Wilmington issued a severe thunderstorm warning cautioning of 60 mph winds and possible penny-sized hail. According to local reports, one woman was killed when she was hit by a falling tree during the storm. Credit: Ryan Linville via Storyful