Vaccination delays for health workers

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<span>Photograph: Murdo MacLeod/The Guardian</span>
Photograph: Murdo MacLeod/The Guardian

The reason for many health workers’ “reluctance” to be vaccinated is that most of us got Covid, especially during this last wave (Healthcare professionals in the UK have a moral duty to get the Covid jab, 2 March). After being infected, we are obliged to wait several weeks before we can accept the first vaccine dose. Most, if not all, of us would have liked to be first in line for the vaccine before we got exposed to the virus, but the government chose not to prioritise us.
Dr Ammar Waraich
Walsall, West Midlands

• Two pieces on the dangers of brain injury in sport (MPs to consider evidence between head trauma in sport and dementia; Parliamentary inquiry shows how seriously sport must take brain injury, 3 March) mention rugby and football but not boxing, a “sport” in which blows to the head are not just allowed but celebrated. The omission is shocking.
Dr Richard Carter
Putney, London

• We dry our washing outdoors when it’s possible (Letters, 3 March), but when it’s raining the pulley in the kitchen is pressed into service. As we live in the west of Scotland, the pulley gets quite a bit of use!
Sophie Houston
Dunoon, Argyll and Bute

• Thanks to your feature (‘My pubic hair paintings could hang in your living room’: the artists reclaiming women’s sexuality, 3 March), half the population will now have a new use for old film canisters: vaginal pinhole cameras.
Dr Tim Owen
Newcastle upon Tyne

• Devote the sports section to women’s sport on International Women’s Day (Letters, 3 March)? And the letters page to women writers?
Nic Madge
St Albans, Hertfordshire