Voters fear Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10 more than a no-deal Brexit, poll shows

David Harding
Bigger threat than a no-deal Brexit?Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (REUTERS/Hannah McKay)

Britons are more worried about Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10 than a no-deal Brexit, according to a new opinion poll.

Almost half of all voters would rather Britain left the European Union without an agreement rather than see the Labour leader in Downing Street, the poll from Politico claims.

The poll found that 43% of voters would favour the UK crashing out of the EU while just 35 per cent would prefer Corbyn as Prime Minister.

A further 22% did not want either, seeing them as equally bad options.

Pro-Brexit protesters in Westminster (photo by Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images)

The poll also found that voters also believe that Boris would be a better PM than Corbyn – with 40% backing him as leader with just 18% putting their faith in the Labour leader.

The latest research comes in a bruising week for the PM.

Mr Johnson lost three votes in the House of Commons, with MPs seeking prevent a no-deal Brexit and an early general election.

He was criticised for his purge of more than 20 MPs who refused to back his government, then saw his brother Jo quit his administration over the PM’s stance on Brexit.

The Prime Minister has said Britain will leave the EU by October 31.

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On a visit to Scotland on Friday, Mr Johnson told reporters “we’re going to get out” of the EU.

His government has tabled another vote for a general election on Monday, but Mr Corbyn has said his party will not back the motion and is arguing for a no-deal Brexit to be taken off the negotiating table.

Boris Johnson in a Scottish fish market in Aberdeen on Friday (Duncan McGlynn/Pool via REUTERS)

Labour leaders have said that preventing a no-deal was their “first priority”.

There has been speculation that the Prime Minister could ignore any vote by Parliament to rule out a no-deal.

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