'Who's the Manager on Duty?' Hungry Woman Enters Locked McDonald's Through Drive-Through Window

A woman was recorded climbing through a drive-through window at a McDonald’s in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, after it had stopped taking orders on July 13.

Footage recorded by employee Feliah Greer shows a woman enter the McDonald’s branch by climbing through a drive-through window. She is later seen asking for permission to help make her own food. Greer told Storyful the employees had locked the doors earlier than usual that night when they ran out of gloves to continue operations.

When the woman saw employees inside talking, she walked up to the window because she figured she would be able to make her own food, Greer said.

After entering the establishment, the woman is recorded trying to convince the manager of the branch, asking “Do you give me permission to learn with you? It’s a training thing.”

Greer told Storyful that the woman’s brother eventually came in, through a door this time, and told her they needed to go. Greer said that after the incident, the employees chose not to call the police. Credit: Feliah Greer via Storyful

Video transcript

- You'll actually do everything?

- You can come back here.

- What-- nah, hell, nah.



- What are you doing? What are you


- I need somebody's permission. Who's the manager on duty?

- Right here. I'll make the food for you.

- You're the manager on duty? I'll make the food for you.

- You give me permission to learn with you? It's a training thing.

- I'll make the food for you.

- McDonald's [INAUDIBLE] training. It's my first day of training, and I came [INAUDIBLE] dressed. So you are now responsible for my first day of training.


- You finna go to jail.

- But I'm trying--


- These people trying to get paid.

- You guys let me into your facility.

- We can't stop you.

- Everyone is recording me. No one said [INAUDIBLE].

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