Yellowstone’s Ian Bohen Just Made A Bold Claim About The Series Finale, And I Really Hope He’s Right

 Ian Bohen as Ryan holding up three one dollar bills on Yellowstone.
Ian Bohen as Ryan holding up three one dollar bills on Yellowstone.

The constant rodeo of reports, updates and rumors surrounding the final episodes of Yellowstone just can’t stop. However, we recently got a massive update from Ryan actor Ian Bohen, and along with it, he made a very bold claim about Taylor Sheridan’s series finale. So, considering all the rumors about Kevin Costner leaving the modern Western and the turbulence that’s come with it, I really, really hope the Bunkhouse Boy is right.

Much like his character Ryan, Ian Bohen wears the symbolic Yellowstone brand with pride, and he speaks about his show proudly and highly. While chatting with ET about a Yellowstone pop-up at Stagecoach, the actor hyped up what’s to come for the finale of Taylor Sheridan’s megahit series. Making a very bold claim, he said:

The fans are going to get the [best] conclusion that could possibly be written. Everything will land in a way that is perfectly set. A lot of shows just kind of finish... and they don't satisfy you. This will be completed in a way that it will make sense.

While Bohen is making these big claims, he did say he hasn’t read the scripts for Season 5 yet in the video included with the report. However, he knows the story that lies ahead, and he has been told the rough outline of the episodes.

To this point, the Yellowstone cast member said fans should get excited for the upcoming episodes, because we’re in for a wild ride. Admitting that this statement might be a bit “overconfident,” he doubled down on the series finale being great, saying:

I don't know that any show has finished this strongly ever. We're expecting to have the best series finale in history. Overconfident maybe, but I think that's what it's going to be. We thank everyone for their patience... It'll be worth the wait, I promise.

Bohen said he’s heard that they should start shooting the show in May, and he noted that the series should air in November, “roughly.” That all aligns with what we’d heard about the plan for filming and releasing Yellowstone’s final episodes, so it’s nice to know that they’re on track for a release on the 2024 TV schedule.

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Man, I really hope Ian Bohen is right. I’m sure he is, every season of Yellowstone has been very good, and the stakes we’re facing in the final episodes are setting up an epic conclusion. However, the ongoing drama with Kevin Costner and the mystery of if John Dutton will be in the show makes me nervous.

In some ways, I think the show could be better without the Dutton patriarch, and it could put a new kind of tension on Jamie and Beth’s feud and Kayce’s relationship with the ranch. However, the constant reports about Costner’s involvement or lack thereof make me nervous that the original plan for the show could have been altered tremendously.

Well, only time will tell if the series finale of Yellowstone will be “the best series finale in history,” but Ian Bohen’s vote of confidence has 100% made me very excited for what’s to come.

As we learn more about the final episodes of Yellowstone, we’ll be sure to keep you posted. If you are looking to catch up with the Duttons and the Bunkhouse Boys, you can stream the hit series with a Peacock subscription.