NZ Sees Its Heaviest Snowfall In Decades

Parts of New Zealand are seeing their first snowfall in 80 years as a "once in a lifetime" polar blast spreads across the country.

The capital city of Wellington ground to a halt as services across the country were disrupted by the heavy snow.

Mail deliveries were cancelled along with many flights in the region. Main roads have also been closed.

People took to the streets to play and take photos of the winter wonderland as for many it was the first time they had seen snow in the area.

Wellington, which rarely gets snow, is witnessing its highest levels since the 70s.

Further south, Auckland is experiencing its first snowfall for 80 years.

Forecasters have described the massive change in weather as a "once in many decades event".

The cold snap is predicted to last several days but for now most people seem to be enjoying their time in the snow.