Days of Our Lives spoilers: week of May 6-10

 Key art for Days of Our Lives.
Key art for Days of Our Lives.

It's a brand new month in Salem. If you want to know what's coming up in the next week or if need to look back at last week's episodes, we've got you covered with the Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of May 6-10.

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Here are your Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of May 6, courtesy of Soap Opera News:

Monday, May 6
"Johnny and Chanel consider their options regarding Chanel’s pregnancy. Paulina feels guilty about the risk she may have caused to her daughter’s unborn baby. Jada and Rafe start decorating their home. Sloan tells EJ about Jude being Eric and Nicole’s baby. Everett publishes a critical article about Paulina despite Stephanie’s objections."

Tuesday, May 7
"Maggie informs Sarah, Xander, and Konstantin that Victor’s will has been probated. Theresa fears losing Alex to Kristen. Kristen flaunts her relationship with Alex to make Brady jealous. Marlena and John reveal their plan to Steve, involving Konstantin’s manipulation."

Wednesday, May 8
"Ava and Harris make a shocking discovery regarding Clyde’s black book. Johnny confides in EJ about Chanel’s pregnancy. Sloan updates Melinda on convincing EJ to stay silent. While working on a story, Eric and Nicole discuss Sloan. Aaron shows interest in Sophia while Sophia tells Holly she’d like to go to prom with Tate."

Thursday, May 9
"Maggie is shocked to learn the truth about Konstantin. Konstantin butters up Sarah as he plans to marry Maggie. Stefan agrees to assist Harris and Ava in bringing down Clyde. Xander accuses Stefan of setting him up for Harris’ shooting."

Friday, May 10
"On Mother’s Day, Chad and Thomas visit Abigail’s grave. Julie runs into Paulina, who’s upset over Chanel. Chanel asks Johnny if he wants to keep their child. Eric gives Sloan a Mother’s Day gift. Tate and Theresa enjoy brunch at the Bistro when EJ, Nicole, and Holly arrive."

And in case you missed last week's episodes or need a refresher, here's what happened on Days of our Lives during the week of April 29, courtesy of Soap Opera News:

Monday, April 29
"Konstantin asks Theresa to help him get rid of the prenup. Theresa accuses Alex of being with Kristen. Brady and Rachel share some nice moments before a field trip. Tripp and Wendy say their goodbyes to family and friends. Kayla tells Steve he should set things straight with John."

Tuesday, April 30
"With John under his control, Konstantin orders him to do his bidding. Marlena questions Everett about his desire to end therapy. Johnny and Paulina worry when Chanel gets sick. Julie hears about Maggie’s upcoming nuptials and isn’t thrilled."

Wednesday, May 1
"Sloan and Eric continue to fight over money. Nicole is surprised to learn that Eric will be working at the paper. Chanel’s symptoms continue to worsen. EJ decides he will make Paulina pay for disrespecting him."

Thursday, May 2
"After an awkward start, Eric and Nicole get comfortable with each other. Sloan tells Leo he’s cut off from her money. Stefan and Kristen continue to make inroads on ousting EJ from DiMera. Roman draws out Marlena’s concerns about John. Ava and Harris once again search for Gil’s elusive black book."

Friday, May 3
"Eric asks Sloan if Leo is blackmailing her. Leo tells EJ a life-changing secret. Nicole opens up to Marlena about being a mother to Holly, and her feelings for EJ and Eric. Maggie tells a wary Marlena and John that she is engaged to be married."

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