Myleene Klass bans scales from home to protect daughters and encourage 'mindfulness'

The former singer says she’s putting her kids first. (PA)
The former singer says she’s putting her kids first. (PA)

Myleene Klass has banned weighing scales from her home in order to protect her daughters and encourage ‘mindfulness’ when it comes to confidence and weight.

Speaking to Metro, the former Hear’Say singer, 40, said that she was trying to avoid her kids, Hero and Ava, worrying about their weight as they grew up.

‘I’m very mindful of the language [I use] and I won’t allow scales in my house. I don’t want them to think their worth comes down to numbers. It’s their brains, it’s the words they speak and the thoughts they think,’ she revealed.

‘They are a person, they are complete. The numbers on the scales are insignificant,’ she stated, deeming weight an insignificant number not worthy of obsessing over.

But I do want them to be healthy and fit and jump around and not feel conscious in the clothes they choose to wear. ‘I know how I good I feel if I wear a dress I don’t have to hold my breath in – that’s a different set.’

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The star has, she says, also learned to not care what people think and accepts the responsibility of being a mother in 2018: ‘I love being a mum and I know all the hard work that come with that, same as being a performer and learning your craft, I’m confident in the work that I do and the person that I am and friendships I have.

‘Maybe its age, maybe its experience or maybe it’s hearing it so much you don’t care.

‘People moan I’m on another holiday, you know what, I paid for this holiday. It doesn’t bother me,’ she professed.

Myleene rose to fame as a member of manufacturered pop band Hear’Say back in 2001. The reality music series Popstars came along before we’d even heard of X Factor and their debut single, Pure and Simple, went to Number 1 in the UK charts, shifting over 500,000 copies.

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