Florida beach is cleared so 6ft crocodile having a swim can be captured

These amazing photos show how a 6ft crocodile was captured after it went for a swim along a popular beach.

The animal came ashore at Hollywood Beach in Florida on Monday afternoon, prompting police to clear the sand of people.

It was first spotted near the pier in nearby Dania Beach as it drifted south in the Atlantic Ocean.

Before the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission responded, lifeguards kept people at a safe distance from the creature on the beach, which is between Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

A wildlife officer placed a noose around the crocodile’s mouth (Picture: AP)

Wildlife officers eventually caught the animal, but not before several attempts were made to make sun-worshippers vacate the beach.

One police officer tried to get a woman taking photos to move away from the animal by asking, ‘Can you run 18 miles an hour?’


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When she replied that she couldn’t, the officer gestured towards the crocodile and said: ‘He can.’

A wildlife officer caught the animal by using a noose to keep its mouth closed. Officers later tied it shut with black tape.

Hundreds of people tried to get a look at the crocodile being captured as TV news helicopters hovered above.

The animal’s mouth was taped up before it was taken off the beach (Picture: AP)

The animal was placed on a truck and driven off the beach, the Sun Sentinel reported.

The crocodile will be released into a suitable habitat, officials said.

Holidaymaker Joe Fusco, from Detroit, Michigan, was at the beach with his family.

He told the Sun Sentinel: ‘We were planning to go for a swim, but probably not now. It’s kind of fun actually, but no one can get in the water until they get this thing out of here.’