Mum notices deadly danger lurking in family photo

Stacee Carter had no idea just what was following her precious twin daughters as they adventured through Kings Billabong Park in Mildura on Wednesday. Image: Facebook/Stacee Carter

A mother from the state of Victoria, Australia has been left sick to her stomach after a seemingly joyful photo of her twin daughters revealed just how close to danger they were.

Stacee Carter and her partner Jack had ventured down to a park in northwest Victoria, with their two 16-month-old daughters, Ava and Isla, for a picnic on Wednesday afternoon.

As the girls frolicked in the grass, Ms Carter says she was just in her own world taking photos of their every movement – oblivious to what was slithering in between their legs.

“We were just having lunch and going on a nice adventure – I was just in my own world playing and taking photos,” Ms Carter shared in a Facebook post.

“Luckily Jack was there (the calm one) and notified me which I just screamed and wanted to cry because this snake ended up between both the girls’ feet, luckily no one is hurt! BUT MY GOD.”


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It wasn’t until she checked her camera roll, she discovered just how dangerous the situation could have been.

The image reveals what is suspected to be a deadly eastern brown snake just centimetres away from one toddler.

“Makes me sick to my stomach, we are so thankful and blessed our babies are safe and home with us,” she added. 

“We had a guardian angel or 2 looking after them today.”

Though snake sightings may be more common in Australia, the UK has had its fair share of unusual encounters with the serpents; earlier this week, a man on a mobility scooter was spotted ‘grappling’ with a snake in south London.