Piers Morgan and Lord Alan Sugar fat shame each other on live TV before £5,000 weight loss challenge

Piers Morgan and Lord Alan Sugar took their rivalry to new lows after fat shaming each other during a chat on Good Morning Britain.

The pair, who have indulged in many public Twitter spats with each other, couldn’t resist poking fun at each other’s weight while Piers’ GMB co-host Susanna Reid looked on in complete disbelief.

The fat shaming started when Piers quipped: ‘You’ve put on a lot of weight recently. Are you chunking up a bit? I’m worried about you.’

The pair actually weighed themselves live on TV.

Lord Sugar then hit back: ‘Yes, well I did overindulge over the summer, and put on around 18lbs. But never mind about me, son. I saw pictures of you on social media prancing around in the sun this summer. You looked like a beached whale!’

Looking visibly uncomfortable, Susanna attempted to keep the sparring men in check, as she questioned: ‘Is it appropriate to ask if someone has put on weight?’

But the duo weren’t done trading insults yet as Lord Sugar then suggested that Piers’ wife, Celia, wants him to lose weight.

Piers responded by challenging his frenemy to an impromptu weigh off, stating that whoever has lost the least amount of weight before Lord Sugar returns to GMB in December ahead of The Apprentice final, will donate £5,000 to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Piers Morgan and Lord Alan Sugar’s love/hate relationship is well known to anyone who follows them on Twitter, and now the pair have taken it up a notch after setting each other a challenge.

Accepting the bet, Lord Sugar ordered a show runner to bring them a set of scales so they could weigh in then and there.

Lord Sugar weighed in at 14 stone 3lbs and Piers was 16 stone and 6lbs, with him claiming his total was ‘about right for my huge frame’.

Finding out how much they each weighed allowed room for a couple more fat jibes to be thrown into the mix, with Piers branding Lord Sugar a ‘blubber boy’, only to be called a ‘chubster’ in return.

We’ll have to wait and see who will be coughing up the cash…

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