Showbiz Quiz of the Week: How much can you remember?

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Showbiz Quiz of the Week: How much can you remember?

The summer holidays are upon us and Britain has seen temperatures soar to record levels, broken up with a few freak hailstorms just to make life interesting.

A lot of celebrities have been taking time out to cool off in their swimming pools and celebrate National Ice Cream Day.

But there have still been a fair few stars out there doing their bit to make some headlines.

It's been a week of promised come backs - with a Two Pints of Lager and A Packet of Crisps reunion announced, along with Max George hinting The Wanted may reform. And Mel C has been fanning the flames of that old Spice Girls Glastonbury reunion rumour again.

John Barrowman has finally spoken out about accusations that he flashed his colleagues on the Torchwood set. And JK Rowling has also broken her silence after being cancelled for her comments about trans gender identity.

Andrew Lloyd Webber is not happy with the governments approach to Freedom Day, and delayed the opening of his new musical Cinderella, despite previously vowing to open, "come hell or highwater".

And This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes was delighted to announce the happy news that he has become a grandfather.

So do you remember what's been going on the world of showbiz this week - or has your brain just melted in the heat? Find out by taking this 10 question multiple choice quiz.

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